EPPIC DEM & SPH Software

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EPPIC combines an easy to use Windows interface with a powerful GPU engine to run DEM, SPH, and coupled SPH+DEM models. It is fast and capable of running multi-million particle models on a single GPU.

Misrikh EPPIC utilises the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for modelling the flow of particles and granular materials, and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) for modelling the flow of gases and liquids. EPPIC can also combine both methods to model mixtures of fluids and discrete particles in one model. Such flows as are commonly found in mineral processing. While coupled CFD+DEM has been available in commercial software for some time, coupled SPH+DEM has a significant advantage in that it can easily handle moving geometry with its mesh-free approach, and accurately captures detailed fluid flow around mobile large particles.

This software has been developed by Simphysics Pty Ltd to solve demanding problems in the mineral processing industry within our own consulting business. We now proudly make it available for others to use under licence. A limited capability Freeware version is also available for students, educators, in fact anyone, to experiment with simple DEM, SPH, and coupled SPH+DEM models. EPPICGUI500x608

If you are running 64-bit Windows and have an NVidia GPU, feel free to download the Freeware version and experiment with some of the example cases provided. We also have a number of brief tutorial videos taking you through from installation to building and visualising complex models.


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For further information please email us at Álvares Machado info@simphysics.com.au