Custom Models and Simulations


When the process or system is absolutely unique and goes beyond common industry experience, a custom or bespoke model may be required.

site de rencontre bio Many industry standard modelling packages deal with particular problem classes very efficiently, and there may be a base of known best practice regarding how to build such a class of model. But when the process or system is unique or involves cutting edge technology, developing a sound working model can be difficult. Sometimes the additional physics required can be coded into an existing software package, and sometimes different aspects of the problem need to be modelled with different software and the software packages plugged into each other in order to get a working solution. In particularly needful cases new software may be required to be written from the ground up.

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see this website Regardless of where your process or system falls on this spectrum, we can develop a working model or simulation to assist you with your end objective. Firstly we are able to develop a sound mathematical and physical understanding of the problem, and then systematically build the working model. From there we can either run the model ourselves and interpret the results for you, or we can hand the working model over to you with documentation so that you own the tool and can run your own research program.

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rencontre femme chateauroux We are able to assist you with any stage of the modelling and simulation process from model creation to calibration to validation to execution to results interpretation.