Computational Fluid Dynamics


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) enables us to understand how gasses and liquids behave around structures or within equipment.

Cardenas There are various types of CFD analyses that may be applicable to a particular problem. Low velocity gas flow and water flows are usually regarded as incompressible (having constant density), whereas high velocity gas flows or where buoyancy effects are important require a spatially varying density, temperature, and an equation of state. Some models may have a steady state solution whereas others may have a time-varying solution. Some models require chemistry solvers for reacting flows, and the addition of radiation fields and suspended particles that may evaporate or otherwise react with the flow. The added levels of complexity are seemingly endless.

sistema de citas dtop Simphysics has significant experience in the area of CFD and can model a large range of physical systems. We use the extensively capable OpenFOAM® software and have experience in building custom boundary conditions and solvers where the need arises. Whether you have existing equipment or a considering a new design, we can assist you in understanding the flow and highlighting how the design or process may be improved to better meet your objectives. OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® are registered trademarks of OpenCFD Limited.